The Flock is a thrilling asymmetrical online multiplayer game. Players can play as the monster - the Flock - but can also become, and will want to become, the prey - the Carrier. The game features a dark and ghastly atmosphere.

Each player starts the game as one of the Flock, a race of large and agile monsters, who seek out the coveted Light Artifact. Once one of the players grabs the Artifact, he/she turns into the fragile, slow, but more humanlike Carrier. That player also accumulates score over time, and with enough score the player wins. Surviving is key.

The other players in the game, who are still Flock, will now have to hunt down the Carrier to take the Light Artifact for themselves. The Flock have a lot more freedom in movement, and thus can attack the Carrier from all angles. Due to the beam of light that the Artifact emits, the Flock can search for the Carrier. Yet that same light is also harmful to the Flock. If they move in it, they die. The Flock can opt to stand still, which turns them into stone and invulnerable to the light.


During a game, players will switch roles from being the hunter to being the hunted. It makes for a psychological experience. Vogelsap develops The Flock in the Unity engine.



-  Asymmetrical online multiplayer.
-  Engaging and simple mechanics.
-  Non-linear dynamic audio system.
-  Hunt and be hunted.